Sunday, June 28, 2009

WIP #3 30's pinwheels

I think of myself as a modern quilter - leaning toward more modern colors and styles. But, I also have a traditional side....some of the older traditional, simple styles also take my fancy. Pinwheels, for instance, and log cabins, and irish chain.
My 30's pinwheel quilt began with these 3 3/4" squares of 30's reproduction fabrics.

Combined with white squares of the same size and cut into half square triangles, I've created pinwheels with blades the same color, but in 4 different fabrics. Olivia took one look at these and said "I WANT THIS ONE!" lol The final squares measure 6 1/2", although they are a bit bigger before I square them up (hence the reason for 3 3/4" squares to begin with).

For a full quilt, I'm going to make 72 of these and use a 16" border of white all around.

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